Carnival Games

Carnival Game Rentals are perfect for a charity fundraiser, school carnival, or community fun fair! Our carnival games involve chance, skill or a mix of both. Often games are set up on a “pay per play” basis (perfect for fundraising). Carnival prizes are also available by request as an incentive to play.

As part of many of our entertainment packages, we provide carnival game rentals to all five boroughs of New York City: Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. We also serve Long Island, northern NJ, eastern PA, and southern CT.

Pick from our extensive list of carnival game rentals below and call us at (917) 714-4963 to book your event!

Carnival Game Rentals


Section A – Stand-up Games

Golf Challenge

Object of the game: contestant uses a golf club to try to hit the balls onto a velcro board outlining a golf course. This fun sports challenge is great for ages 9 and up. Includes golf club, 3 balls, small driving mat, backdrop.
golf challenge game rental bronx ny

Fetch Frisbee Toss

Object of the game: toss the Frisbee through slot for Fido the dog to catch!
fetch Frisbee carnival game

Hog Wild Toss
Object of the game: toss a bean bag into the pigs mouth.
hog wild carnival game rental nyc

Jurassic Toss
Object of the game: toss the bean bag through the dinosaur’s mouth.
jurassic toss carnival game


Section B – Tubs

Can Smash

Object of the game: throw the bean bags and try to knock all 6 cans off the pedestal.
Includes 6 cans and 3 bean bags.
can smash carnival game rental ny

Tic Tac Toe
Object of the game: throw the balls and line them in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to win. Includes 3 balls.
tic tac toe game rental

Potty Toss
Object of the game: do you have a good aim? Toss the balls into the potty and win!
Includes 3 balls.
potty toss carnival game rental ny


Object of the game: toss the balls onto the same colors on the playing board. Match 2 and win!
Includes 3 balls.
colors game rental ny

Creature Crunch 

Object of the game: players test their skill by attempting to toss bean bags into the purple space alien’s mouth. With the alien’s teeth jutting into the opening, it is harder than it looks!
creature crunch game rental

Numbers Game
Object of the game: several different ways to play this game. Over 13 or under 7, name your number, or match to win. Great way to exercise the mind while playing.
numbers carnival game

Putt n’ Win
Object of the game: use a mini putter to get the golf ball in the hole. This mini golf game is perfect for young golf fans.
putt n wild carnival game

Stand a Bottle
Object of the game: get the ring around the neck of the bottle. Then try to make the bottle stand up. If the bottle falls over, you lose.
stand a bottle kids carnival game nyc

Raptors Nest
Object of the game: try to get as many balls into the raptor’s nest as possible.
Includes 3 balls.
raptors nest carnival game rental nyc

Hungry Hippo
Object of the game: try to feed the hungry hippo by tossing bean bags into his mouth. Older kids can stand further away from the game for a more challenging game experience. To win, either get a bean bag in the hippo’s mouth or have a small group of kids compete to get the most bean bags in the hippo’s mouth.

hungry hippo carnival game rental

Section C – Specialty Items

High Striker

We carry the 14 foot high striker!


Section D ( new arrivals )





Quarter toss


Old fashioned milk can toss


Rainbow roll


Ring toss


Corn Hole

corn hole game

Pick a pop


Bottle ring (12 bottles)


Crazy hat


Stop and throw


Taz toss


Bust one


Money or prize wheel


Section E (Misc)

Roller Bowler

Object of the game: push bowling ball into the front trap without it returning back to you. It is harder than it looks! This classic game will keep kids entertained. Ages 10+
roller bowler kids game

Boom Blaster Game

The Boom Blaster combines the excitement of a balloon-popping contest with a safe, authentic-looking blasting detonator straight from the Saturday cartoons. Two or more players frantically pump, inflating their balloons until they reach the balloon-bursting arcs. First to burst – BOOM! – is the winner. (Small, well-labeled points help burst balloons when they reach air capacity). The game provides fabulous visual fun and excitement for all ages, indoors and out, year round.