Dunk Tank Rental – New York

A classic dunk tank rental is one of the best ways to have fun and cool off at your summer party, company picnic, school carnival, or fundraiser. Dunking the school principal, company boss, community leader or just your best friends has become almost an American summer tradition! Call us today to book your dunk tank: 917-714-4963

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‘Easy Dunker’ Dunk Tank Rental

We carry the Easy Dunker dunk tank which is about four feet deep, holds 500 gallons of water and features a transparent window so you can see the dunking ‘victim’ as they are dropped into the tank. The person to be dunked climbs a small ladder to access the molded plastic seat suspended above the tank. Next to the tank, is a target that releases the seat mechanism when a ball is thrown at it.  A chain-link shielding protects the person being dunked from people who can’t throw straight! Once the individual has been dunked the plastic seat quickly snaps back into place for the next ‘customer’ and a moulded step inside the tank allows for easy exit of the tank. Of course, we provide plenty of yellow balls to hurl at the dunk tank target!

We provide delivery, set-up and tear-down of our dunk tank for your special event. You provide a water supply and garden hose to fill ‘er up! Please allow time for filling a 500 gallon tank.

Please keep in mind, our dunk tanks are fairly large commercial quality units, and will not fit through a single-width backyard gate. You MUST have a double-width gate if you need to get it into your backyard.

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Events Where Our Dunk Tanks are Often Used

– Dunk tanks are perfect for fundraisers and charity events. One idea is to rent a dunk tank for a local community fair. The public then donates a small fee for the privilege of dunking the voluntary ‘victim’. This could include community leaders, public figures, or other local celebrities.

Parties  –  From kids birthday parties to block parties, dunk tanks are a great way to beat the heat and dunk your friends. The suspense of waiting for the target to be hit is as much fun as the shock of being dropped into a tank of cold water!

Company Picnics – Ever want to get back at the new guy that crushed all your sales numbers last month? Maybe you’d just like to take that annoying boss down a notch. Renting a dunk tank for your company picnic is your chance to do it!

Dunk Tank Rental in the Bronx – Review video


Call today to book your summer dunk tank fun! We provide dunk tank rentals to NY, NJ, CT & Eastern PA. Call: 917-714-4963